Mobile App Features

Content Modules

Publish content on App or email using easy to use templates or pre-defined fill in the blank forms

  • Include images, videos, forms, surveys and web links
  • Set publish and expiration dates
  • May be sent immediately using push notification and shared on Facebook and Twitter
  • Import MS Word documents
  • Private content modules available for internal use only

Event Calendar

Display event calendar on App with event details

  • Include images. videos. web links and forms
  • Email events
  • Set publish and expiration dates
  • May be sent immediately using push notification and shared on Facebook and Twitter
  • Synchronize Google Calendar


Create and publish surveys to the App

  • Flexible answer options
  • Schedule publish and expiration dates
  • Analyze responses with auto-generated detailed reports
  • View survey results in printable pdf format

Messages From App Users

Notifications appear on PC desktop for easy monitoring

  • Receive comments and/or tips from users including photos with contact information and location (at user’s option)
  • Senders' devices of abusive messages may be blocked
  • Feedback auto-routed to chosen personnel for handling

Push Notifications

Send urgent information out immediately to smart devices

  • May be sent as push or text messages
  • Send immediately or schedule timing
  • Select groups to notify

Image Gallery

Display organization’s pictures on App

Affiliated Sub-Apps

Create Sub-Apps for associated entities

  • Apps listed as Favorites in master app
  • Create optional pin codes for sub-apps for privacy


Audible PC Desktop App message notification manager

  • Download PC Desktop login shortcut
  • Create widget to feed app content to website


Easy to create fillable forms for app display

  • Attach forms to content, events, QR codes and App buttons
  • Forms may be for public or internal use
  • Export auto-generated reports from response data for analysis


Maintain and manage email contacts including opt out feature

  • Create groups for contact management
  • Import contacts from CSV files
  • Manage duplicates
  • Export contacts to Excel

Private QR Connect

Create QR Codes and buttons for specific tasks

  • Only those invited and have registered their devices may view and scan codes
  • Scans and responses auto emailed, texted and/or pushed to chosen individuals
  • Response data collected for analysis

Social Media Features

Share app content on social media

  • Link to your social media sites
  • Manually post your content or...
  • Automatically post chosen content to Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter

Web Links

Display links to websites on App

E-mail & Campaign Reports

Send spam compliant email compaigns

  • Email content or events to specific groups
  • Auto-generated reports show email campaign statistics

Banner Ads

Include ads that rotate across the bottom of App

  • Create up to 6 ads
  • Change at anytime
  • Link ads to sponsors or websites
  • View ad open rate and click-throughs

Systems Management Functions

Administrators enjoy the following features on their LogicTree IT Solutions, Inc. mobile apps: